Autocomplete Amusements

Autocomplete Amusements is a project to generate new parlor games from a corpus drawn from Modern Pastime or, In-door Amusements (1871), using the comedian Jamie Brew’s predictive text Python software application, pt-voicebox. Specifically, the corpus draws from the section of the book entitled “Fun, and Flirtations, Forfeits,” which caused a bit of a sensation on the internet in June 2017, though these games were also discussed the previous year.

The resulting games are generated by humans repeatedly selecting the next word in the new game’s rules from a list of the 20 most likely next words, so they are the result of human/software co-authorship, rather than stricter AI or machine learning methods.

Early examples generated through this method:

No. 1: [Untitled]. One lady and one gentleman. Stand facing each other without smiling. The lady holds a bunch of roses. The gentleman must repeat the same words to his next neighbour or begin to make the other players question the lady.

No. 2: [Untitled]. One gentleman, six ladies. Present one lady seated, wrapped in a sheet. The gentleman must say whatever he chooses beginning with the letter “a.” A lady must correctly spell it gravely to the person, who repeats it aloud. The ladies present choose the lady who answers by imposing any fun to her.

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